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I drank the moon  It was blue at noon My heart was snatched by bloom I was mad as insanity driven soon Each rev was mind blown as the moon and noon
Oh little girl can’t you hear?i’m calling out your nameOh little girl what’s your fear?for you are not to blame. 
Now When My Mental DRIVES My Mind To Write Rhymes... Their Range of Wordplay... Spreads FAR And WIDE... !!! From Social Crimes To Relationship Strife... To The Type of Things With Societal STINGS... !!!
"your capabilities do not lie in here" he said gesturing at his arms and legs he tapped his forehead "they are here" his finger hovered over his heart "and here"
Sometimes it is hard to wake up and realize that there is no one there and you are all alone, You're surrounded by family, but they make you feel unloved, so that is nowhere near being called a home.
Is it stupid to believe that you are capable of anything that you set your mind to? Do some people feel like that no matter how hard you work they may never come true?
 I commend you for all of your achievements and life accomplishments  I can see you’ve been through so much even though you don’t show it on the surface You are everything you need to be to become the person you want to embody  You put your mind t
In The Middle August 31, 2018 ~ Friday Every person, tall or leaning Building what they thought was meaning
Which way will you turn? Blinkers stay unlit, One land, Two sea, None by inept driver. Absent headed fool in traffic we sit, Stick figure family, mocking riders.  
It's a sad day on Lancaster Get fifty a day Living this way Makes for a sad day Tip toe around Left out on the ground No one else but yourself around
What others see as an ocean, to you is little more than trival commotion. Like puddle after a crisp rain, you travese that watery obstacles others have tried in vain. What others see as a unclimbable wall,
ROAD SAFETY By R.K. Dhiman  Road safety for everyone, Careless driving saves none,
The steering wheel's fabric feels warm against the skin of my forehead slick, sweaty. Outside the chill threatens to freeze the ruby lakes of my bloodstream, it rages a war against the heat that has consumed my body.
OFF! The AC knob kisses the left tick. DOWN! The glass sinks into a black sea of blazing leather Hair, slicked back in the clasp of the alligator. Her right foot eases off the brake.  
Unlike most, leaving my warm bed does not cause great sorrow, It is no struggle, no challenge, and there is no courage that I need to borrow. I got up today for the same reason as yesterday and tomorrow.  
The human eyes allow us to see and the spiritual one allows us to perceive. As a result, I wake up with desire to grow up to be,  is the greatest instiller in all of history.
Long have I felt the allure of storm in all my earthen veins; longer, thrilled, I've begged the still and silent clouds to stay - to brush the skin of world below as rainy fingers press 
im really rather fond of drivingof moving, while not moving muchof possessing the power to annihilatebut using it for meandering about andgoing to mcdonalds
Two that love, driving and texting each other     to the hope that they will be together.     they have a special place, an intersection where there's all set,    
Unwavering Ambition - By: Jordan Stubblefield
I look down and see your name on my phone but I won't stop because  I'm almost home. But little did I know when I got there the house would be full of nothing but despair.
Inhale. Exxxxhale.. Check your mirrors. Watch your speed. Put your hands at 10 and 2. Why do I keep thinking about you? Stop. Stop behind the white line. Wait your turn.
I’ve been told that my circumstances will have me thrown into a bowl of “you will never be’s” I’ve been told that I will never be able to turn my face proudly to the sun without feeling the guilt of the shadows that fall at my feet
Every step I take is a step towards oblivion, an unknown past, a merciless future Counting the edges of the webbed stars on my hand is no more a task than defining my future,
You're a whole head above me, you leaned in close, But I turned away, this is more dangerous than I'd hoped. We're standing by my car, in the rain. I'm still not even sure why I drove all this way.
The drive remains the same when I go home, take off my make up, remove myself from the daily cares of this world  only my true self remains to sit and reflect  
The drive remains the same when I go home, take off my make up, remove myself from the daily cares of this world  only my true self remains to sit and reflect  
I see a glass half empty, empty? isnt that bad?
7am every morning day in  day out no breaks work, school, sleep repeat what keeps me going i don't want to go to the gym today or school or work
I can rhyme words without a rhythmbut as soon as I try, I lose the feeling.So I’ve learned to let them flow,let ‘em rolloff my tongue - or in this case my pen -
Music uplifts the strings on my guitar,Hockey uplifts the puck on my stick,Education uplifts the knowledge in my head,Preparedness uplifts the opportunities in my life,Work uplifts the money in my pocket,
I survey the land ahead. As i look out on the horizon, I see a humming bird, hovering near a flower. I hear a bee, buzzing around me. And I distinctly hear a tree fall, in the distance.
I am a mere pedestrian Doomed to live a momentary existence Leaving your cerebrum as soon as the light turns
In, and then out; in and then out.  These are the constant reminders I have to tell my self to keep me focused,
Friday night started wonderfully We never thought it would be our last. But you both were going to quickly, It all happened pretty fast.   We pulled up to an intersection,
I wish I could see you
Emotion. The one true feeling that seperates us from them.
Success comes through opportunities thrown your way These opportunities are unexpected Which is why you have to take advantage of them Be smart, don’t take these situations or influential people for granted
  Unknown Sorts             Become my torch             Beauty in light             Guide me through this twilight             Stronger than others
The most powerful of emotions. The most needed emotion. I would instil love in every living being. With love there is no war, with love there is a healthier planet.
I place the key in the ignition,I put the car in driveand press the gas pedalbut I go no where. I open my mouth,and move my lips,I push air out
Drive. Drive for one job. One shot. I have one chance to succeed. It’s my only option. Failure won’t be tolerated. Can’t isn’t in my vocabulary. I’ll do what I need to make it.
  i'll never tire
I want to see you light up I want the room to charge with the energy of your passion Instill that in your students and the world could change forever.    I want to know how much you care about me, and how I do
   What if no one ever tried, or if no one was inspired? What if no one ever created, or if no one ever desired?               Where would this world be?
As the wind whips within my face. The cold sharp agonizing pain brings memories of disgrace.
Trust. Defined as the assured reliance on the character, ability, or truth of someone or something.   Trust is Knowing that what you believe in, what you put your hope in will not abandon you  
Poetry is a force, and I almost can’t stop it. Like I’m falling face-forward with my hands in my pockets.
She lays there with the blood coursing ever so slowly through her veins dying in her agony... atrophy from the antagonizing sorrow of the pain she feels in side... her eyes are glazy and cloudy
May the lighters light May your heart love May the sun shine Right above us May your actions be worthy May your hunger be hardy May your drive have engine May your soul have a mission
Crowding the streets Boycotting the bus Any action that could draw attention to us We will do it rushed To try and budge out of this rut
Drive, ambition, my motivation, my goal my purpose in life, my sole reason for surviving this internal struggle This down and out state and multiple thoughts I juggle
No one knows where home is. It's not exactly where your heart is, Where you grew up, Or where you spend the most time. It's where you mind wanders the most. It's where you feel the safest
He never once thought... "It could happen to me." It was always the other; the guy you see standing shocked, by the roadside, with eyes unbelieving.
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