Drive, determination, and Grandmas' love.

Sat, 09/10/2016 - 11:39 -- Mckailb

Unlike most, leaving my warm bed does not cause great sorrow,

It is no struggle, no challenge, and there is no courage that I need to borrow.

I got up today for the same reason as yesterday and tomorrow.


You see, what fuels my desire to leave the womb like comforts of my bed,

Is nothing more complicated than something my Grandma once said.

She strained to speak what she spoke before, for one last time, laying down her head.

With great effort she delivered to me a statement so powerful, it caused tears to shed.


"As the first to go to college in this family, I beg you to succeed if not for yourself, do it for me."

These words they resonate in my very being, combusting, exciting, and igniting a fire within me.

The fire awakens the drive and determination for the academic success of a college degree.

I cannot see a time where getting up to face the day is hard for me,

Because I have all the blessings, support, and encouragement that I'll ever need.

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My family
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