Unwavering Ambition

Unwavering Ambition - By: Jordan Stubblefield

As an African American teen
Ambition is my thing.
Drive—I can’t live without…
Helps me achieve goals giving me clout
While I imagine being stranded on a deserted island alone
It will be my goal to make the island my throne
When my head is spinning and my thoughts are on the brink
Drive and determination helps me think
Walking through life each and every day,
My ambition has helped me along the way.

No matter the challenge, with my zeal to excel,
I truly believe I cannot fail.
Failure is only relevant if I don’t try—
So I’m always striving even when I don’t know why
Whether on a deserted island or going through a life storm
My drive and motivation are beyond the norm.
Sometimes life seems unfair and it’s hard to feel alive
That’s when I pray for spirit filled drive.

It’s important to strive towards my goals and never give up
Keep pressing through, even when I’m down on my luck.
At times self-doubt occasionally passes through my head
Then I remember my life matters and that I have a purpose instead
So when society tries to keep me in a box and limit my drive
I have discovered the key that makes me thrive.
Something you might have picked up while you listened,
The thing I would bring is my unwavering ambition.

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