Where Would This World Be?

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 20:07 -- tete513



 What if no one ever tried, or if no one was inspired?

What if no one ever created, or if no one ever desired?

              Where would this world be?

What if no one wondered, or if no mind pondered?

 What if no one cleaned, and this world was cluttered?

             What would this world be?

All may seem of hopes and dreams, and possibilities, that we have all we need and even though it may not seem.

           Where would this world be?

Without no transportation, or no desired designation, of a specific location, doing things with or without hesitation;

          Where would this world be?

With so many minds, that’s one of a kind, with just a second of time;

          Where would this world be?

We all have our different ways, similar to the different days, no telling which one we will take which leads us all in different ways

        Where would this world be?

It took one brave heart, to generate ideas from the start, without a specific finish, this world may diminish.

      Then I may ask what would this world be?

Who know what the future holds as great minds unfold, like stories untold, our minds are like gold, but riches that can’t be sold.

As technologies advance, in the palm of our hands, the world can expand, created by man.

       I am only lead to ask, where would this world be?



Takara Clark



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