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45° 4' 35.9256" N, 93° 12' 5.4648" W
United States
45° 4' 35.9256" N, 93° 12' 5.4648" W

In, and then out; in and then out. 

These are the constant reminders I have to tell my self to keep me focused,

to keep me calm.

To keep me driven. 

The constant humming in my ears and the pounding in my chest just make it all harder. 

Now, some might say that harder is worse, but in my eyes, it’s what drives me. 

It drives me to prove to them I am more.

It drives me to show them I am alive.

It drives me to show everyone that I am capable of greatness. 

To show all those people who said “Oh you are good… just not good enough.”

That I will be someone.
That I will be important.

In, and out. In, and then out. 

Coming from a place where I am seen as completely average will not stop me.

Nothing will stop me.

Not my anxiety,

not money,

not rumors,

not hypocritical society.

All because one day I will reach my goal,

becoming a speaker for the dead.

Otherwise known as an anthropologist. 

I will give insight on crime and death in ways people have not seen before.

I can give a background to the once living. 

Provide closure for mourning families.

Unlock mysteries of history and time.

In, and out. In, and then out.

Anthropology is a dream of mine.

A dream that I will achieve only by my intense drive that pushes me. 

A dream is what makes life worth living,

but drive is required to live.


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