Learn, Love, and Teach

Thu, 08/25/2016 - 21:27 -- itsorbs

The human eyes allow us to see

and the spiritual one allows us to perceive.

As a result, I wake up with desire to grow up to be, 

is the greatest instiller in all of history.

Growing up in poverty has shown me true reality;

That I must stand with my peers in complete unity. 

Why do I want to grow up and help communities?

Because the young lack spiritual qualities, 

And the parents are too busy to make it a priority. 


Growing up with immigrant parents and being the oldest son,

I realized the necessity of guiding the young ones.

Be it brown, black, or white, any color they be,

it will never make a difference to them or to me. 

The society we live in creates labels to discriminate,

But I want to show the young how to love and not hate.


 "What makes you get up and greet the day?"

It is the drive to teach everyone how to learn, love, and pray;

To empower the youth so that they never have something negative to say;

To become a teacher that builds upon the traditional way; 

To be the student that reminds the teachers why they were okay,

with making a sacrifice when it came time to get payed.


Forget self and strive to help your fellow brothers, 

I promise that it is a feeling like no other.

People suffer day by day, and it is no wonder;

none rush to give aid. 

Be someone else, be one who feels guilt and empathizes,

don't become one who roams and dehumanizes.


Become one who only has selfless things to say, 

when someone asks you "Why do you greet the day?" 






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