When you drink and drive


Friday night started wonderfully

We never thought it would be our last.

But you both were going to quickly,

It all happened pretty fast.


We pulled up to an intersection,

The one that you were using as base.

We didn't have any idea,

that you guys were going to race.


You both revved your engines

and left only your dust behind.

The speed that you guys were going,

completely blew our minds.


We shook our heads in disgust and continued our journey into the quiet night. 

Once again you too turned the corner

and we saw the headlights that gave us a terrible fright.


You two were speeding towards us,

There was no time to get out of the way.

When everything was said and done,

on the ground four bodies lay.


If you guys hadn't been stupid,

We may still be alive.

Now to soon, we've gone to heaven,

all because you chose to drink and drive.


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