He Never..

Mon, 11/19/2012 - 11:16 -- bhollow


United States
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He never once thought...
"It could happen to me."
It was always the other; the guy you see standing
shocked, by the roadside, with eyes unbelieving.

Laughing and joking, the music flowed as he drove, just
friends on an lark, full of youthful abandon.
As he drove along, so young and so free.

He never saw coming,
silent, onrushing, his failure come crushing.
The sound of the life now reaching it's end.

He never will forget..
the sounds made by the crushing,
and rending
of steel, flesh, and bones.

He Never ..
can replace, the young life now ended,
Never be young and never carefree,

Never answer the question...
Why her and not me?


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