All I Want is to Learn Again


I want to see you light up

I want the room to charge with the energy of your passion

Instill that in your students and the world could change forever. 


I want to know how much you care about me, and how I do

I want to see these connections between my peers and myself made by 



solutions reached by group means.


Instead of looking at the grade book, look at what I know and what I wish to know

Where my passions lie. 

and how we can make a connection between all of these subjects, these pieces of a puzzle

that we can help build.


I want to see that this is your life, your drive.

I want you to see what mine is, where it will take me

and how you can help me there. 


Teach me things that excite me, that stimulate my thinking

Make me think and search for myself, but make that enjoyable.


Are our goals really so different?


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