The Drive

Mon, 02/01/2016 - 22:33 -- taitab

I look down and see your name on my phone

but I won't stop because 

I'm almost home.

But little did I know when I got there

the house would be full of nothing but despair.

I shoulda known that you would end it like that

with you the good never outweighed the bad.

Would you like to know 

what I've learned

over the years?

Through all the fights

and through all the tears.

It's this; people do what they want

sometimes they say goodbye.

And we all just spin on this crazy little ride.

I looked down to see your name on my phone.

But I didn't stop because I was almost home.

I pull in the drive and your car's not home

can't say I'm happy but at least I'm not alone.


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