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It's funny. I find myself running, unable to breathe. The pain in my feet told me to keep on going, Even though my turning stomach disagreed. I felt like I swallowed the whole ocean
  i walk outside, my four walls behind me, a subtle breeze sweeps across my cheek i stand frozen as my eyes take in whats around me, i feel the earth’s beating heart, the air deep in its lungs; it pulses, it breathes in it continues, but i am not
we are frozen in time - stuck in the muck of the present . . © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.  
I miss someone who I shouldn't miss I think about someone who doesn't think about me I dream about someone who I shouldn't dream about I am falling in love with someone who isn't mine to fall for Repeat
How are you? Im fine. Are you sure? Im fine.  You look sad though... Im fine. So no cravings?  Im fine. 
It's not fair, It's not right, I lost power, I lost might. One's eight Who can't skate One's two Who never knew. The little one's Not yet one, He just wants To have fun.
who you talkin' to wit' that attitude chicks lookin' 'atchu like you something different dude actin' like they know it all when you've said nothing at all, rude
Oh! How I long to soar On gilded wings forevermore But stuck I am upon this ground My feet crunching, making sound  
Get up from bed and something isn’t right Everything is muddled, dirty and foggy I scream and cry not knowing what is going on I go to the bathroom and see Myself in the mirror
Anxiety stirs my stomach like a lost ship at sea.  I have no control  which way the wind is blowing. I'm alone.   You were mean it was kind. 
I want to genuinely smile and have real friends that make me laugh.. Even more than that - I really want to get my life back on track... But it's hard to have hope for the future - cause I just can't let go of the past....
Locked in The keys are lost Across the river The bridge is burned In the corner All painted in On the island The ship has sunk
sometimes i find i want to press myself in a book like a flower to flatten my spine so my shoulders can be higher   but if my body wasn’t fragile
At first they're painful, but then they get sore At first they're exciting, but soon start to bore Yet people still stick them on their skin Only rarely regretting their sin  
That beautiful boy across from me will never know. He looks at me, now, like I’ve never told him th is before and he knows he could never Understand.
No cuffs on my hands But a shock collar around my neck Locks on all the doors and Walls
I DONT WANT TO So don’t But I can’t Can’t? Good! No I can’t not I can’t can’t I can’t not do What I dont want to.    But you try Do I try? When I try I fail
Dear Life Problems,    Why don't you understand? I want to be me!  But, why do you try to take over my life? You don't understand. It's gone too far! It stops here, now! You cross the line.
  It's worse to think about it. Knowing there is a better way, Yet continuing not to improve.   It's easier to be passive, Its more relaxing to just be in the moment. And not think About-
Slow and steady Constantly worried Asking what am I going to do? You're gone for a whole another year How can I move forward without you? Stuck in a standstill Not sure where to go Or even what to do
I’m in a bad place No matter how far I run I cannot escape it And I cannot live without it I’m stuck within my head
There was once a boy, in the 1700s who survived in his house's basement. Stuck he was, for the sadness exhausted his will to go out side. His mother too, for she was distraught at the idea of bearing a 'mad' son.
Follow the flow of the wind. Long days and clocks never say goodbye, Going in circles watching your whole world spin.  
I've realized it's really hard to write without having someone in your mindbecause, in your thoughts, they spend most of their time.
After the first time Everything has changed Maybe the second time is the charm Maybe words can fly into my mind But silence and borders keeps your mind quiet And erasers are wasted like time  
I wake up in a hole of darkness My wrists tied tight with rope My feet shackled so I can’t cope I taste blood in my mouth I struggle against the bonds that hold me My struggles cause my body to be cut deeper
That day will never arrive I am stuck in a deep hole of burdens My mind glazes over with my responsibilities I may be in new places but responsibilities I left behind pop up Free? I don't know what free is
Growing up sucks in this world Having pressures to be perfect You try to get away from it Clear your mind and run away But you still have that voice The one in the back of your head
I've been trying for so long,
I feel so sick I'm floating in the air My feet is walking all over me My head wants to explode   My hands are in the air I'm drowning in despair My soul is moving fast
Life changes and everything about me is new.But there's one thing that's always stayed the same...I still hate myself the same as yesterday,and I still think of death like it's unavoidable.
I'm suffocating I'm drowning I'm stuck in a cage My wings are clipped   Blood and tears try to mend but nothing
It's like locking up a butterfly in a cage. It'll fly around feeling trapped looking for freedom.
I am alone in this.
I remember his eyesThat they reflected mine,The golden encapsulated,Red-flecked beautiesThat so often got us confusedFor brotherAnd sister.
I'm stuck in my own little fantasy
A heart should never ache like this, my soul should never feel this much pain, I need the dose of a loving touch,
Once there was a little girl With blonde curls and wide eyes that shined like a pearl She sat alone waiting for Her carriage and prince to come knock at her door   As she turned the pages of her books
Like a snake shedding its old skin. Its itchy and uncomfortable. Heavy and bothersome. Makes the insides of the stomach roll around in anxiety and half disgust.
Today, whe
I can hear time fly by, I can see it disappear I can taste the world’s tears, I can smell its fears The angry oceans, the forgiving shores The turning mountains, the closing doors  
As she sits to write, so many thoughts cloud her subconscious.
Don't know what to do. Can't have my cake and eat it too.  I can go to one school and then transfer. Or I can go to another school and transfer somewhere else. I don't know what I want.
Everything seems to be getting better for everyone except me. Is it because I don’t try hard enough? Is it because I don’t pray enough? Or is it because this is just where am I supposed to be? I’m stuck in a rut.
I still hold onto you like a newborn baby to his mother. Stuck to you like rain in the clouds You are my heartbeat, although, I should let go I cannot let go on what's been with me for so long
All over America, there are towns And yet no one knows them Except the citizens themselves And can you blame them? (It is their right, after all, to know the town they live in)  
A small town is just that. A small town.
Part of me got stuck in a galaxy, I called it "whats-its-name".   I just remebered after being ripped in half, things would never be the same.  
I am too young to be in love. I am too immature to be dating. I don't really know what I'm getting myself into. No. I am in love. I am mature. I know exactly what I'm getting myself into.
My brother was forced from home I tried to ask, "why?" The seeds of our love were sown I received no reply
The inevitable futures looms over me On this journey to find myself To pick a major is to pick a future As I sit my mind wanders the world of options Simply hoping to discover what’s next
They shape our lives and watch us grow, they are a part of us. They humiliate us and make us laugh, you can't help but to love them. However, ometimes things don't go as planned, it spirals out of control and leaves you feel breathless.
“Be interested,” everyone tells me,but this interest is so hard to be found;There is only apathy.
I am stuck, stuck in between what is wrong and what is right for me. I am stuck, stuck in-between someone that will make me feel alive tonight and someone that will make it right.
  Sitting at a desk in front of a screen with a blinking line My fingers don’t touch any keys, But rather they trace the edges of a box,
Almost always you need my help I'm stuck comforting you   You need my help Never a chance for me comforting you is all there's time for   Never a chance for me You
More emotion than you could ever know is poetry Yes , its when I feel a vague entity But you do understand, you understand the monogamous relationship
I’m drowning circling the drain in a sea of circular thoughtsthere’s too much gray area in these life lessons
The sense of the word may mean something else The depts of help from somebody else
Stuck in an elevator with youThat's enough to make me spew Ew! You're gross and slimy to the touchIf it weren't for that you'd deserve a punch Awk!
i sit there quiet as a mouse watching you scream back and forth. i sit there wanting you to stop wanting to say something to make it end. i sit there my stomach in my throat confused at why you are yelling.
Behind her smile, there’s a child with enormous dreams and improbable chances of reaching them. Behind her smile, is a mother that struggles to make ends meet every month.
such a sweet sorrow yet delicate as a lilly but raged as fire to be put out with more love damages fixed with kindness and compassion love true love such a beuty
7 years ago I lost my mother to love. She walked away with hate in her eyes. I remember the day she grabbed me and said, "leave this house and never come back. I love Benny and I want to start my life with him".
Meeting you was all I ever wanted. You made my wildest dreams come true. I dreamt of what we would be every night before I went to bed and into my sleep. The thing with dreams is, they aren't real.
Here I am Locked up in a tower Not allowed to come down Always wondering how it would be like on the ground Always wondering how it would be like to see the world How does the grass feel between my toes?
Sometimes, I find myself lost in your eyes I never knew love until I saw you My empty heart only knew its demise But you, somehow, were able to break through. You were the beauty and I was the beast
You call, I pick up, and here goes the bull You hang up, I look, and here comes the emotion I tell myself I'm through That I'm never dealing with you Again.
One year of college down, five to go And I'm already drowning in debt. Rising costs of tuition cause me woe And inability to get loans makes me fret. If I can't find a way to pay for school
Days Waste Away And I Sit Frozen In Space. A Thinking, Feeling Blob Of Emotionless Apathy, Focusing on Nothing, Yet Everything. Walking Contradictions In My Analytical Head Can't Focus,
Blending together, they are. Like reflections on water. Memories, like a cookie jar. These thoughts they slaughter.
I search above me for what I could see Clear as day only two years ago An entire star disappeared before my eyes But still the light overtakes my subconscious Unknown to me as behavior's influenced
Focus our eyes. Are we stuck in the wilderness? Lead us to the promise land. Lead on, lead on... We are the chosen ones. We stand together. When you call, we will answer. You will provide.
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