Depression Cuts Deep

I wake up in a hole of darkness
My wrists tied tight with rope
My feet shackled so I can’t cope
I taste blood in my mouth
I struggle against the bonds that hold me
My struggles cause my body to be cut deeper
There are no thoughts to flee
Only thoughts of pain remain
I want to scream for help but my mouth is gagged
No one will hear me
My help is out of reach
As it always is
My unheard screams and pleas
For the living to find me
Help me!
Hear me!
Then I see a ghastly glow
Of the grim reaper
He knocks at my door everyday
His sweet voice dragging me deeper into the hole
He says come to me! Come to a life where pain isn’t
I fight him off in hopes my life will get better
In hopes that I see that helping hand
That hand ready to pull me out of the hole
To release me from the ropes, shackles, and gags
Until that day comes I will fight the danger
I will fight the hole
I will fight the grim reaper beckoning me
To death by my own hand
Fighting is not without the pain and misery


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