The day I can be free

That day will never arrive
I am stuck in a deep hole of burdens
My mind glazes over with my responsibilities
I may be in new places but responsibilities I left behind pop up
I don't know what free is
What is this word you speak of?
I never learned that word except when I was young
I didn't have to worry about books and fees
I didn't have to worry about disappointing my family
Or being kicked out
Or bills or anything
All I had to do was live and go to school
Where did the walks through grass and sunlight go?
Where did the easy times go?
I am a young adult but I am only 19
Do I have to be the adult already?
The only day I can be free is the day when all my worries are gone
That won't be for a long time
That won't be until I can afford an apartment and live on my own
But right now my life is spiraling out of control like a blue jay that lost it's wings

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