Small Towns

Wed, 03/12/2014 - 14:08 -- Misfit

A small town is just that.

A small town.

People are moving about,

going nowhere fast

It's filled with people

who have sepnt their entire lives there.  

Claiming to dream of bigger things

but afraid to venture out.  

They wallow in their failure

while they pretend to enjoy the misery of the close proximities.  

They raise their children with the same lies.  

Poisoning their growing minds

with the possible ability to escape

but there isn't any use.  

They can never amount to their full potential.  

Day to day life with little to no excitement.  

Everyone know everyone

and no one looks out of place.  

A false utopia of family owned pizza shops,

various churches

and white pickett fences.  

Everything is a lie.  

No one there is truly happy.  

They all shuffle around like zombie simply creating the blueprint for the next genration.


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