Behind Her Smile


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Behind her smile, there’s a child with enormous dreams and improbable chances of reaching them.
Behind her smile, is a mother that struggles to make ends meet every month.
Behind her smile, she still copes with loosing her best friend because they opted to show their true colors after four years.
Behind her smile, are her grandmother and mother that she dearly loves, but the two of them can never get along.
Behind her smile, she holds a heart full of love but she has no one to share it with.
Behind her smile, she stays in her own nirvana, writing poetry to be able to keep out of trouble.
Behind her smile, are the multiple thoughts of suicide that try to usurp her mental well being completely.
Behind her smile, she deals with one of her best friends who constantly attempts committing suicide but is talked out of it
Behind her smile, she tries to figure out exactly why her older brother has alienated her.
Everyone loves her because of her bubbly personality, which hides all of her pain behind her smile.
You can have it your way if you have a child that caters to everyone in the house.
Behind her smile, she hides the fear of losing her aunt because she refuses to stop smoking.
She finds pleasure within her endeavors, which are harmless with all of her precautions.
Behind her smile, hides the tears she cries from having an invisible father.
You would never think that she struggles to balance poetry, school, and her personal life.
It was only a short while ago when she finally got to talk to two of her half siblings for the first time.
Behind her smile, she constantly worries about her great aunt who has back to back health problems consistently.
Behind her smile, she sees illusions of her sister becoming a single mother forever.
Behind her smile, she and her mother share a small bond of not being able to trust a lot of people.
Behind her smile, she is always concerned on why her mother and her aunt only talk when her grandmother is out of town.
All of this and so much more is packed away and hidden deeply behind her smile.

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Inspiration to show that no matter whats going on in your life, the best thing to do is to smile because you may come across someone who just need to see a friendly face to make their day better.

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