Sun, 06/25/2017 - 00:50 -- tmg1198


It's worse to think about it.

Knowing there is a better way,

Yet continuing not to improve.


It's easier to be passive,

Its more relaxing to just be in the moment.

And not think



All the actions that shouldn't have been done.

The thoughts that shouldn't have been thought.

The lies that shouldn't have been told.


Ignorance is bliss they say,

Denial is ecstasy.

It's unhealthy, this is known,

It's not right, this is said,

It's immoral, this is thought,


But then why does it feel so right?


It's an unending circle of delusion, justification, and regret.

Disgust is not a foreign word,

It's most commonly used to refer to the little amount of self control used.

How easy it is to give in.

How hard it is to say no-


Don't think.

Don't think.

Refusing to think about it.

Not wanting to face it just yet.

Sometimes thinking is just as bad as doing it.


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