Seperation Slam Poem


They shape our lives and watch us grow, they are a part of us. They humiliate us and make us laugh, you can't help but to love them. However, ometimes things don't go as planned, it spirals out of control and leaves you feel breathless. Chills crawl upon your flesh, this moment is surreal. Far below the deepest point from within, lays the truth of how you feel. Something is not right, Something is misssing. It has become an abyss, it lures you in the darkness as you frantically try to escape. But it is all a dream, or so it seems, until reality is screaming to reassure that in fact, it is no dream at all. Your world soon flipped upside-down, it is a life you must adapt to. Back and forth, over and over, it's getting old too quick. Flashbacks intoxicating your mind as you pack, haunting you, loving you, breaking you down. The luggage that you drag along, tends to drag you instead. To seize your mind from racing thoughts, you saunter swiftly shedding the weight off your shoulders. It is for the best, these people keep telling you, so you put on a smile, you put on a "mask". But these people don't know you, they will never understand, even if you wanted them to. All that you've been through has made you what you are, you have become delicate yet tough. You believe that life is about moments of impact, it can haunt you and inspire you all at the same time. You can grieve over it and learn from it, now pondering each moment and taking it all in. Although you may not plan these instances, or ever want them to happen. It happens for a reason, to get you to where you're going, and I know that place is good.


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