Wed, 07/15/2015 - 13:09 -- MG
I'm suffocating
I'm drowning
I'm stuck in a cage
My wings are clipped
Blood and tears try to mend but nothing
It's dark and everything around me is so familiar but at the same time so foreign
Where's the exit sign?
That red neon arrow?
Where's the freedom that's been promised?
Perharps nothing was promised
Not to me anyways
Trying to keep myself focused
Don't think about it
Don't breathe
Just shut up.
Just suck it up so no one will come and bother
No one wants to hear the tremble in your voice
No one wants to hear or see you cry
It's every man for himself
It's cold, the shackles around my feet and hands are tightening
The bruises are spreading
Maybe it'll end this way
Nothing to worry about anymore
No more boundaries
No more dissapointed dreams
No more
Maybe I should just make my own promise of freedon
But before that happens
I must escape
Escape to everything and nothing at once
Escape to my dreams
Escape to the possibilities of tomorrow
Yes that's it
That's what I need 
It's what I'm meant to do
The itch on back growing now
I can feel the budding once again, sprouting
Igniting my fire and drive
I will. I can. Yes.
... But here
They come once again
With their clippers
Already covered in old darkened blood
Their eyes have no remorse
Have no understanding
No warmth
"Shut up and turn around," they command
I obey.
"Snip, snip"
The metal clips cut through
Simple motion with devastating results
But only towards me
Fresh blood drips and I'm draining away
My half sized wings are taken again
They never reach their potential
Never knowing what I can ever do with them
Their dirty claws gripping them
Placing them into their mouths, ripping through 
Every flesh, every vein, every feather, 
Every hope, every dream, every happiness
At last, smirking
Licking their fingers, satisfied showing their sharp terrifying teeth
They slowly dissapear into the darkness again.. and me? 
In the same situation, once again defeated
Adding one more line to the countless tally mark I have on the ground
On which I lay upon.
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