ABC's - Sestina

Today, when I

leave school and walk home to my

house, I will see mommy

and dad.

And I’ll sing to them.  Because I know

my ABC’s.


My teacher taught us the ABC’s

but I

learned it the fastest, because I know

everything like my


And he’s a lot smarter than mommy.


I made mommy

cry when I sang my ABC’s.

But my dad

wasn’t there.  So I

waited for him to come home and hear my

new letters that I know.


I know

why mommy

cries now.  It wasn’t because of my


But I

have memorized them and have to tell dad.


He didn’t come home last night, my dad.

And where he is, mommy doesn’t know.



I know my ABC’s.

And I need to wait for my…




To come home, so we can sing my ABC’s.

Because I now know them

Because I’m as smart as mommy.

A B C D E F G H I…


I know my ABC’s mommy and…




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