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The storm is ringing in my head, 
Living with anxiety is like living in an invisible box. It has 7 walls, one for every day of the week and a glass ceiling to remind you that you’ll never escape. The box’s name is fear.
I tried to save your heart. I tried to tell you that  he wasn't worth your time.  But, you didn't listen, you rejected me.    Now your heart's all broken, 
  You’re poison to me. Yet I keep you around.   You push me to the ground. Then pull me back up.   No one else sees you.
Shuck-Lily cuts herself and, by God, I'm back in love again, This is not my responsibility, So why am I tending to you like an animal?  
So many people Are shouting at me I go to work To get shouted at I go home To get shouted at The voices in my Head shout at me Where can I escape this Constant shouting
So I'll play my violin A scale, G scale, D and E Begins caving. Up and down the staff I'll go As the oceans flood and flow As the world is burning, burning I will play what I'd been learning.
The injustice,  The stupidity,  The sadness,  The rage.    This year has shown,  The world's a big stage.  The villains on one side,  Good versus bad.   
The black bird with a golden patch Flew away unable to hatch Her feet sore from the search She needed only a touch
Watery tear-filled eyesgaze upon her lifeless bodylying in the bathtubpills she droppedon the floorshe looks happy nowat peacenoises and screams and hysterics and tearssurround the boy
There’s black everywhere I can’t see a thing Why did it have to happen to me? I was an artist Now I’m just blind
Sometimes I miss life Yearn for it really Maybe the apst I'm not sure, it's just a flutter I yearn Yearn Yearn that is the word I feel I yearn for the things I don't have  
Does anyone care what goes on in the world? With people that hunger and need much care? They have bloated stomachs and legs all curled, All shriveled, yet young, and entirely bare.  
Run little mouse, runGo towards my voice  I am here to help.You’re in this maze and I’m trying to help you. There is a big cat Ready to eat youIf you continue this path. Don’t fall for the trap. Let me help you. Fine, if you don’t want to do it my
Reaching out And reaching out. Help the helpless But I am the helpless. Standing out is too much Blending in is too little.
Ruthlessly pushing through the mob In want of space to breathe. Helplessly flailing in the openness In search of someone to grasp.   Memory of all that was gained And lost.
Why must I speak? Whenever I do, conflict ensues. Words are spat into each other's faces, False accusations in all places, As I helplessly watch. I apologize yet again,
He is empowered But you, powerless Have not they gave any trusted name
"Can't put your mind in a cast but broken things aren't meant to last  Like walking on broken glass reminding you bout scars of past cause the world went by so fast  But not you,              your stuck
"Will anyone see the scars? The marks across my arm? The small little circles Put there in anger But the words burned more If only I knew what they were for Did I do somthing wrong?
SIXTH SYMPHONY   Beethoven is a liar. He would have you believe that he wants you; but behind your back, he is glad to see you go.   Happiness
The shadows creep in The light darkens She cries out Searching, Hoping for someone to hear But, no one hears There is only silence There are only shadows
Minds attacked
Once again I am afraid to face this day The day you left without returning
Eyes burn into me, I feel them on me, I don't know where from, Goosebumps cover my body,  I feel a presence... Next to me... Behind me... All around me...
I used to see myself in the mirror To see an honest smiling face looking back at me
Wearing a mask Hinding a face Doing mundane task staring into space
Bump in the night, a forgiven fright, but so easily mistaken, for ones so often taken.   Things unseen, Things unheard, Things that most certainly unnerve, Scream my name
You can't see me When I'm with them Because I blend in.    You won't see me Stand out Because I'm a master of disguise.   It's so cool To see spies In movies.  
To Be Heard
My brain pounds with such intensity that I can feel no other pain inside my body, the meticulous beat of my own heart has become my enemy. Each thump signifying a wave of cruel pulses throughout the synapsis of my own brain.
I write to the Little Girl in the Future. In case you have forgotten... In case you have forgotten the beauty of the swirling passions of the primitive past
Anyone I have ever loved is a ghost I keep alive in my notebookBy feeding them the ink from my ball point pen,And let them sleep between the college ruled lines likeSome sort ofInhumane bunk bed.
today's your birthday and Fathers Day with everything that's happened i know you'd be speechless it's hard to think of what to say I feel like since you've been gone our family has been a mess
I never thought I'd hate something as much as you  You take away the good people from the world  You make them want you more then anything or anyone else  Those with hard enough lives you make worse
I stand in the middle of the storm, Thunder roaring, rain pouring. What’s this burden that we’re forced to play? The game in which we will lose at anyway.   I stand in the middle of the storm,
                   Victim Used by many Left by some To all spares every penny But has ears from none Caught up in a journey Though it's just begun
I down another bottle To wash the pain away. For a brief moment, I feel a bit okay.
He had dreams without Ambitions; A house, but not a Home.
She sits on a train, trapped, without power, Reaching speeds of one hundred miles an hour. Her future a dream, destination untold, All she knows is she’s stuck, there, on that road.  
These are the heart-shaped scars my lovers leave.
What is one but an empty shell whom you haven’t taken notice. As he stands, wavering in his insecurities, you mock him, unknowingly. How can he but admire from afar, knowing you suppress any interest even on a mutual level?
I roam from here to thereremaining discontent.My heart won't call this place a home,It must stay unattached.Everything is so unreal,I know it won't be long.Slowly I will drift away,
The water gets high, my oxygen is low, I'm barely getting by and I've nowhere left to go. The heart beats, blood races, body heats, surrounded by bruised faces. Hush,
Sweet like soda pop, Bubbly like champagne, You make everyone around you laugh and smile. The misty sky That makes rainbows appear, A kaleidoscope Beautiful like gems in the sun,
  When cold, they slowly spread Icy, sleepy, dead. When hot, it all moves so quick Bright, fiery, slick They say particles move by heat Is that not deep?   Do I move because I am deep?
ShellsExplodeShellsDown goes my friendShellsBoom after boomShellsI cannot moveShellsInsanityShellsHelpless, I amShellsThe shell…Has been shocked 
Her eyes were blue like the ocean. The salty waves form and roll on shore, her cheek. The continue to flow until they drown her. Her eyes, the sea, a door.
Can I be understood I wonder I am so awfully unique The good and bad of it is so plain My voice makes no thunder My view is too terribly bleak My reality too much to blame On something so horribly cheap
"I'm so lonely. I'm Mr. Lonely. I have nobody..." these words ring true in my ears from that shitty song so popular a lifetime ago. But back then I didn't listen and couldn't empathize. I had a friend and
Back twitch Her head flinched oh what can it be My mom who used to be so strong who can’t take care of me Hair matted no make-up on
Sitting in an empty room with nothing but me Enclosed by four walls that stare at me With no mercy or sympathy they stare With menacing eyes they stare  
He taught her how to fly and soar only to break her wing. And he could've saved her when she fell but decided to do nothing.   Instead he locked her in a cage, refused to tend her wing.
my mind—                   is as  b     l     a     n     k   as this page—i am                   unmotivated, talking to the wallsuninspired—                        because the walls never talk back to me
I have so much to say, but I cannot find the words.  Give me a topic; I can spit out heart-wrenching stanzas about love, loss, desperation.
I can't be pretty. I'll never be beautiful. I'll never matter. Take my hand and squeeze As hard as you can so I Won't feel my heart break.
When I feel empty, lonely, and depressed, I find myself circling, with thoughts, of anger and distress. A hole in my heart, tears me apart. Sometimes I don't know, where I should start.
Is this what life is? Only the known ones Only the pure ones Can make it anywhere Only the divine ones Only the heavenly beings Are carried on feathery wings To the heights of riches
It stares back at me Every imperfection exaggerated How can anyone see beyond It's practically screaming to be noticed Is it possible to remove this demon? Do I have the strength?
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