Shattered Glass


I used to see myself in the mirror

To see an honest smiling face looking back at me

It didn't matter what people said

Because I was happy enough inside

But it feels like those days are


G oing out of style

     O r were they even in style

          N obody understands

               E veryone is staring


I used to long for company

But I feel myself drawing back

Now that I want to be alone

I can’t escape society

But all it has for me is pity


G et away but please come back

     O n my own inside of my head

          N othing takes the grief away

               E ven when I am smiling


How would they react if I told them all this

Told them I’m hiding my anguish

Let them know how much I’m aching

They think I should be “over it now”

How can I accept my father is


G one from my life

     O ne I can’t reach

          N o longer on this this Earth

               E ach day is a new struggle


I nside I feel courage building

L et me tell them what I’m feeling

L et go of this burning sadness

T hrow away my isolation

R ise from the pile that I lay in

Y ou are now my first confidant

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