Writer's Block


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my mind—
                   is as  b     l     a     n     k   as this page
—i am      
             unmotivated, talking to the walls
                     because the walls never talk back to me

{thoughts scattered, words wasted}  

—my mind
                   sits |isolated| from the world,

cornered into small space
writers block! oh what a horrible disease!
i am shipwrecked
                             —drowning in a sea of doubt
                            while ebony ink fills my lungs
and all of my efforts, lost within direction
from the light……at the end of the tunnel

for words do not come out of my pen
                           only ink b•l•o•t•c•h•e•s do
                           only to smear  on my hands
{what unproductive, wasted paint!}
every plot
                every paragraph
                                          every letter that i draw

are insignificant, empty markings

                             dullness are my poems,
          how uncreative are my lines
          inevitable is this disease
                             —called writers block.




This a slightly different version of this poem was also featured on my deviantart page (http://www.fallenumbrella.deviantart.com) and the current version shown above was submitted to the Bucks County High School Poet of the Year Contest, where I made it as a finalist.

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