Primal Truth

Sometimes I miss life

Yearn for it really

Maybe the apst

I'm not sure, it's just a flutter

I yearn


Yearn that is the word I feel

I yearn for the things I don't have


No, that;s not right


I don't know what it is I yearn for

But I do


I do

I know what I want, what I want to feel


Have in my grasp

It's not an object no

It's this


But the parts of this that make this this 

I want to feel it

All o fit

I want it

I didn't I would but I do and I don't want to run out before it's too late

This is prime

I am prime


I just,

Want it all

More yearn for it all

I am not a needy person or wanton

I just yearn for it


For the life, the feeling

I get there, I know I do

But I don't have the half of it


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