Fri, 10/10/2014 - 10:31 -- Jbabe

Wearing a mask

Hinding a face

Doing mundane task

staring into space

Going home is going on stage, going to school is improv practice, and being alone is my break time. Who is Jere do any of you really know her? Can you help me find her?

Im holding her hand 

she's over a cliff

thousands of feet above land

She's starting to slip!

Slow down... Breathe...Don't cry big girl... just stuff it down, dust it off, its just a needle it will only hurt for a second. 

The bottle is full of emotional sips

its stating to run over drink it back down

Careful don't let it slip

ITs ok to just drown

Im drowning yesterday today and tomorrow. Head below water arms out streched someone has my hand their pulling with all they have and sometimes I taste fresh air, sometimes I taste salt water. The taste of tears streaking my dark skin puffing my eyes.

Holding a pillow squeezing out its life

Praying not to wake up here

Staying ten steps ahead of a knife

stay ten steps ahead a bottle of beer

Emotions have beaten and cracked my mask, my skin is exposed, what do I do I'm starting to break character. But the show must go on even without its leading actress

The curtains are drawn

The lights are dying off

I'm just a pawn

Im just acting tough


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