Helpless Among Bodies

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 21:21 -- SerenaD


You can't see me

When I'm with them

Because I blend in. 


You won't see me

Stand out

Because I'm a master of disguise.


It's so cool

To see spies

In movies.


In real life

It's different.


When you look at me

I bet you see colorguard

But not passion.


When you look at me

You see intelligence

But not creativity.


At this point

I'm not even sure

Of what is real.


I can't even tell

Who I am.


What happened to

My lost soul

Along the way?


What happened to

My individuality



For I am not me

But a concoction

Of everyone else.


We are all the same person

Divided among bodies.


I've become

What they wanted

Me to be.


Now I am 

Just like

Everyone else.


But that's not me.

That's not what

I want to be.


My demons

Have forced this.


And there's nothing I can do.



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