The Drifter

I roam from here to there
remaining discontent.
My heart won't call this place a home,
It must stay unattached.
Everything is so unreal,
I know it won't be long.
Slowly I will drift away,
and when you realize,
I'll be gone.
It's not by choice, it's a concealed force.
Subliminally, I stay on my self destructive course.
I lay in the grass and watch the sky...
Why do I do this? Who am I?
There's something wrong
and I patiently wait.
As the numbers onthe clock fade,
I accept my fate.
I'm independent,
I'm too free.
I don't need you,
you don't need me.
Give me  one good reason to stay.
I'll give it thought for another day.
But in the end I bet I'll leave
because this wasn't meant, because I'm empty.
I wish that I could love and feel.
I struggle to find something real.
Ancient scars were cut too deep.
Just like a nightmare, they hunt my sleep.
Try to get close,
I'll push you away...
And alone again, 
I'll be on my way...


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