Back twitch

Her head flinched oh what can it be

My mom who used to be so strong who can’t take care of me

Hair matted no make-up on

Yet she still acted like nothing was wrong

But for me, all I saw was my mom’s brain and back not getting along

I was worried

Would she stop walking this week?

Like a withered leave she lay there still but at night shake like a leaf

Step, step creak, like an old wooden door

Wanting to work but finally couldn’t anymore

A 90-year’s old back, that’s what the doctor said

Why is my mom withering away with in?

My mom is so strong just like Titanic on the sea

But no she is tossing and turning like the waves of the sea

Try to stop the pain, its hurting me

MRI she steps in

Scary as a coffin, almost like death within

Sedated, put out as those who are sick my mom

Lay there helpless but no tear ever slipped

Watching so helplessly

I dove right in “new mommy” though i knew

I could never be it

Cleaning, scrubbing, crying inside

Hopping and praying my mommy wouldn’t die

January, hard couple of weeks

As my mom lay bound beneath the sheets



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