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So they walk with their heads down, Or look up at the city lights, The mirrors for their eyes Reflecting everything, For they have no feelings On the insides. A hand to them is a weapon
I see a place with mountains higher than any cloud, a place where silver rain falls like a widow's tears. My feet will hit the ground like singing thunder through a radiant curtain of opaque shroud,
Golden honey sunsets, The delightful salty breeze caressing my cheek, Flowers lining every corner in every imaginable hue, What could be better?   The beauty of the elements engulf me
" He leadeth me beside the still waters." Water. My first time at the pool " Do not run! " she says "Jump with me Rissa! " my little sister yells Splash! The bubbles surround my face 
What do you see when you look at her Most would say a soldier indeed But behind every smile is a story
The simplicity of a laugh The commonality of a smile Rejoice in the beauty of life Because it is worth the while   Life can be so short As we already know It's okay to be affectionate
Rivers meet, Rivers leave, Never know where one might lead. Back and forth, never sure, Like relationships, never pure. Fights and spats, Imagine that. No one's perfect,
There was a band That originated from the U.K. They played rhythm and blues Every night and day   Bill Wyman is the oldest one But Charlie Watts is a lot more fun
Sleep is the joyIn which I have foundEqual footingOn unequal ground  I’ve turned the lightFor the last time tonight 
Huff huff huff, her little nose twitches, black button eyes blink. Scare her, and into a ball she will shrink. Her quills will poke you and your hand will sting. She’d rather be hibernating up until spring.  
Though the summer's haze has slipped away into the south, I still taste salt on my mouth In remembrance of summers day,
Seeing little children playin' outside is what make me happy.Laughin', Smilin', Runnin',and carrying on.
Now that summer is all done I must say goodbye to fun Right? Wrong. It’s all just begun   My senior year will be a blast I’ll try not to let it go too fast I’ll spend time with the best of friends
Anticipation thicker than the white smoke Flashing strobe lights that dazzle your eyes Raise your voice from the depths of the pit Mingling with the entire crowd’s cries Standing united for one purpose here
A hot summer's day Sun scorching and sizzling The air thick and humid My long hair is frizzing I hear the sweet jingle As you come my way The yello ice cream truck is saving the day
Forever my friend
Lung cancer Breast cancer
I told you about my soul today and  I thought it was very funny because if you replace one Letter to becomes soil and I think that's wonderful.   What's wonderful? You ask. Well the idea
A mechanical pencil is all I need. To draw out what's floating in my mind. So go out there and get me tons of them. Because I'll show you my little world that's still a work in progress.
My hand is tattooed with the evidence of my pencil. It is stained with the purpose in my hands. The dents in the paper grow deeper, darker, thicker. My mind wanders. Music. Soft, careful, lovely.
The sun rose in the west that day, Though some say it did not. It rose above the quiet valley village And it rose above the mountains That encircled it. The dark birds watched it rise too;
Putting on a show is what you are trying to do!
Asking what makes one happy could be dangerous. << 8 word story.  I could use insightful quotes and give the author the glory.
The first pluck of the string, The first note they sing. The first melodic tune that enters my brain; That's the beginning of my awakening. I'm transported to a world unknown,
At first it was all a peice of cake, then i realized i was insane. Most of the time i just want to give up. When did life get so tough? I started to belive I couldn't do it,
Saturday is adventure day.  Dad rises early, bustling around up and down the house with morning business.   Coffee, Cheerios, newspaper.  He rouses the rest of us with a beloved relic from his Navy days. 
The scarlet and the gray, The pride in the students' eyes, The joy and laughter from friends and faculty, The halls full of chatter and classes that matter, Having fun throughout the day,
Rain falls in bursts, Or perhaps just in trickles. The pitter-patter of droplets form a cascade of sounds. The crickets are quiest but not for long But drowsiness is coming 
I'm all about the sunshine, it's hot tounge rolling down my spine, the citrus smell of sumer like peeling back an orange rind   but when the snow inevitably falls,
Can I Be Anymore Excited  A Senior Thats What Everyone Is Calling Me This Year I Am Graduating High School, I Am DONE My Childhood Young Adult, I Love The Sound Of That
I could start with the things that are petty, the things of no use But those things that elate me, their structure's too loose No real thought, no passion, and no feeling can be found
Faint memories of the times we had. Now that I have moved out, I dearly miss it. Laughing, feeling entertained,  joy We would spend forever together. Just thinking about it makes me happy and fulfilled.
Finding the good in everything, has always been my talent. 
There are some things I will never forget. Ten years from now, your smile as we walked through the park is all that I'll have left. I am grateful for the potency of these images,
Me, myself, and I I often come off as shy
Watching the moon fall as I rise, my mothers weary, loving eyes   The way my friends embrace me, as if it has been years   The way my algebra homework reduces me to tears  
Back and forth and back and forth
  I'm not sure how to be happy about going back to school
Happiness? Dare I delve into my mind to find an inkling of  Hope Love Frivolity  Joy In a life touched by so much hate, Death Divorce  Crudeness Failure
Have you noticed me yet? The little burst of purple in that crowd, the one with her arms stretched high over her head. The one playing back directly whatever command the band gives.
I feel I am still asleep as I walk these white washed halls, wishing the summer I could keep, wishing I wasn't here at all.   With summer's end brings the books, the homework, the restless nights,
It drifts by my ears and enters my weary soul It plays soft and slow caressing my fears and pain It soothes the broken places It makes me float High above all these troubles It is music
little one
Living is not living unless you are happya life that is fragile is worth timeI was put here to spread the truth.
I had carved names in the wood,I came back to find them healed.I go by a different name now,but the roots of his seed he wateredis poison.  
Christmast time.  The best time of the year.  Growing up in Arizona, Christmas also means some enjoyable wheather. Decorating the Chrismast tree,  Everyone is happy and full of cheer. 
The Light of summer closes its doors What remains are pictures on the walls and floors Memories, and excitement Happy incitements Glistening in the back of my mind  Happiness intertwined
Disgust takes over my body, Ugly and Fat yell at me- angry. I try to tell them I'm under stress,
Pain shatters my body
I watch the clock move backward, Minutes go by in the blink of an eye, Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. There goes life.   While time slows, I pick up my pace. Another year to go,
The grass that tickles my feet, Or the sun shing on my face,
I'm almost done with school This is my last year I've dreamt of this my whole life Now it's finally here My parents are both sad I'll be moving out But when I turn eighteen,
He watched her through the window from across the street. Her clothes looked sleek, her hair fell gracefully, playfully. Each movement's meaning, oblique.   He studied her. Made extensive notes
Summer is over, and school has begun. Things get crazy, and hectic, and stressful. The homework and stress swell up in heaping piles of despair.
 You dragged me out the dark and showed me the light.
  Dance It doesn’t just mean to move rhythmically to music. It’s artistry, bravery, endurance. I dance as though telling a story.
Hug my mom Play with sis  look at me,  what is this? dance around, talk to friends, with me the fun never ends listen to music laugh and play 
shout it from the rooftops twist the words from their mouths and shout the newly created freedom twist the energy of the crowd into a shout of freedom and joy that twists
Knowledge is what I crave and knowledge is what I need.
I see what the birds see, as if I were one with the flying the wind is my element as my wings are floating above me   Above the heads of all the ground dwellers, I soar
i knew myself,but you don't so why you try to create my future you may write me down in your notebook
Calm, early mornings Wakeboarding behind the boat
It is the ache in your cheeks when your smile has stayed for too long, The laugh that escapes when you realize it won't go away. It is picking the perfect gift,
My happiness begins outside of me, It starts in the people around me. It begins in the start of your grin, At the end of my dumb joke. It’s in the sounds of a peaceful day,
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