Music and Me


The first pluck of the string,

The first note they sing.

The first melodic tune that enters my brain;

That's the beginning of my awakening.

I'm transported to a world unknown,

A world that I can call my own. 

It's a world that few have seen

Full of colors and things.

I'm in a trance...drifting far from reality. 

My mind eliminates all those who trouble me. 

I am no longer a prisoner of my own fears

I am someone who feels.

Feels my blood dance gently like a stream

My hair slowly rise like dew on fresh spring grass

 The fierworks coursings through my vains like rapid racers  

 My heart racing at the pace of the drums

The drums that go ba dum de dum dum.

I AM ALIVE! I scream.

But then reality hits me,

And the darkness approaches once again.

But just for a moment I felt free.

Because I had the Music and Me.  






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