My Kindred Kin


I could start with the things that are petty, the things of no use

But those things that elate me, their structure's too loose

No real thought, no passion, and no feeling can be found

These things aren't eternal, they won't always stick around

Instead I'll spare you the pesky frivolity

I'll give you something with tremendous quality

Something, that when pondered, I perpetually adore

Something ,that when given, you needn't ask for more

It's the love and embrace I get from my kin

The good times, the laughter, the moments I grin

But I grin with excitement, with love, and with bliss

My family means everything, a moment with them I won't miss

Times of sadness and sorrow may slither their way through

But they won't last too long, those occasions never do

To be more specific, my family is terrific

The joking and uniting will forever top the fighting

Sometimes we're far in distance and without a friend

In those examples we feel lonely, but that loneliness will end

Infatuation is for losers, the real love is here

This love is not for a colleague, it's not for a peer

It's for a brother, a sister, a mom, or a dad

An uncle, an aunt, or for any blood you have or have had

It's not to be discarded and it's no dying fad

It's what you can rely on through the good and the bad

There's a notion I'll now give to end this poem

Family is for life and there's no place like home






Awww, I really liked your poem! It's very cute and heart-warming. It flowed very well and I loved the rhymes. The only issue is your typo (I'm assuming you meant stop instead of top) and the ending was a little rocky. Over all, I loved it though! I think this poem is a perfect fit for the scholarship! I'll make sure I vote for you. :)


Funny you say the typo thing. I actually meant top. I was using in its verb form, specifically meaning: exceed (an amount, level, or number); be more than. But I do appreciate the constructive criticism and thoughts. Thanks for checking it out. 

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