The Rhythmic Dog

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 20:16 -- ahughes


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41° 4' 44.0544" N, 81° 35' 13.416" W
United States
41° 4' 44.0544" N, 81° 35' 13.416" W

Back and forth and back and forth

He runs like Bullseye through the yard;

Up and down and up and down

He hops the stairs like a bunny on the ground;

Side to side and side to side

He chases his tail on his behind;

In and out and in and out

He runs through the door with his old wet snout;

Left and right and left and right

I chase him around until the middle of night;


He gets the paper in the morning 

and I reward him with much adorning;

I brush him until he sheds no more,

I change his collar when a new season spores.

Fred is the one who gets me moving

Even when I don't feel like grooving.

My dog creates a rhythm in my life; 

it's almost as if he is my wife.


How do I close but to say a little prayer:

Dear Fred,

Keep sniffing my hair,

Keep running the stairs,

Keep hiding under the chairs,

Keep pouncing like a wonderful mare;

You make my life a joy to live,

With all the energy you have to give;

You make me as happy as a clam

At high tide in Amsterdam.

Live long and prosper until the end

You bring joy to my life my big old friend.


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