Deing Bifferent.


Asking what makes one happy could be dangerous. << 8 word story.  I could use insightful quotes and give the author the glory. I could spill my knowledge about things near and far; or simply read my wishes on the cuts of paper in that mason jar. I could dig the recesses of my mind of every trip encountered. Or even maybe be bothered with the reference I just made, to ponder if my ruling planet is in retrograde; but then again: Is not the title of this poetry scholarship Beatles inspired too?  Some may get it, if they do not, then I best get to a point, but  I work best from back to front.  So my dear friends, or better yet, competitors. What I am best at is seeing relations. Connecting the dots. Reducing inflammation. Out of the box. Cheshire cat. I am far from what the mold anticipated. I am more of a renovated version of a dilapidated archetype. How grand it is to have come across this competition. All I want to do is inspire. All I want to do is inspire. All I want to do is inspire. Be relative. What makes me laugh. When cats bark. It has happened before, it's true. What  makes me laugh? When girls "Cant even" when they most certainly can. What  makes me laugh REALLY? When Nicki Minaj goes Roman and her voice gets silly.  What makes me happy? That's better of as a rhetorical question.  My happiness come from being a Nowhere Man and Acting Naturally :) I could tell the world a thing or two. Kimya Dawson makes me happy. Marshall Matthers makes me happy. Einstein  makes me happy. Socrates makes me happy. Even go so far and be so bold to say Anton LeVey makes me happy. That would make me so inclined to say Yeshua Bar Yosef makes me happy too. For those who do not know, that would be Christ's real name. Deing Bifferent. Knowing I have a bright future ahead of me. I am proud of the fact I am Hopi Native American. I am proud of the fact that Miley Cyrus and I share the same first and middle birth names. What's in a name? Why do in Islam they all name their child Muhammad? Am I the next great undiscovered thing? Keeping the Evangelical mindset of the ascended masters, mixed with the preconceived notions of existence and societal influences, goals , dreams, endeavors. Let yourself be clever. My happiness is being me. And no one else. 


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