Purple Headed Girl

Have you noticed me yet?

The little burst of purple in that crowd,

the one with her arms stretched high over her head.

The one playing back directly whatever command the band gives.

I become a different person all together when it's just a barricade between me and them.

Shy by day, I praise to a screen.

But, by tour time it feels like just them and me.

No matter how many other faces are in the crowd caging me in,

I feel no pain as my face is plastered with a Chelsea grin.

With my calves in flames, my arms anything but tame,

my lungs are ready to collapse, my feet ready to snap, and

my jaw is busting at the hinge.

Wouldn't seem like it, but I am as free as can be.

Pure ecstasy is bursting out of my every limb.

I'm reciting every word back to them.

Being apart of a show is what completes me.

My superheroes on stage, we're all just apart of a crowd.

We may just be specs to them, but we're all connected and loud.




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