Winter Spell

Thu, 10/23/2014 - 14:25 -- RNClif


I'm all about the sunshine,

it's hot tounge rolling down my spine,

the citrus smell of sumer

like peeling back an orange rind


but when the snow inevitably falls,

I must admit that there's a magic to it all,

a world of clamor hushed and soft,

curled in a cozy shawl of frost.


Old lungs renewed to life

as they get a taste of ice,

air so fresh and crisp

it leaves a kiss across your lips,

hot chocolate by the fire

burning red and bright, a choir

singing carols, their angelic voice-

listen, you don't have a choice

the winter spell is cast

and now there's just no turning back,

you are mesmerized by twinkling lights,

enchanted by the blanket white,

engulfed in frenetic cheer

that so suddenly appeared

it could only happen once a year


finally, it's here.


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