Mon, 10/27/2014 - 21:48 -- muniek1

Huff huff huff, her little nose twitches, black button eyes blink.

Scare her, and into a ball she will shrink.

Her quills will poke you and your hand will sting.

She’d rather be hibernating up until spring.


“So would I,” I tell her quietly,

“We’re company”—she nibbles my toes delightedly,

While we both cuddle in bed.


Thump thump thump her toothpick legs tap,

Reminding me that there’s no time to slack.

There’s places to run to, new foods to snack,

And there’s no sense wasting time on a nap.


Though I take care of her, she also cares for me,

Brightens my day and helps me to see,

It’s worth pushing on. 


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