My Own Encouragement


Summer is over, and school has begun.
Things get crazy, and hectic, and stressful.
The homework and stress swell up in heaping piles of despair.

Yet, I'm ready to embrace it and carry on.
I've found my strength givers, and hope bringers.
I know I'll persevere and my endurance will uphold.

For me it is simple.
I have found where God wants me.
My list of joys continues to grow as I build my future.

Here's my example.
My joys are many,
Ranging from school to work to home, it’s all a party.

It’s my senior year.
I have a sense of independence in it.
Soon, I will be out in the world as an adult to learn and grow.

It brings me a tear
When I do not work.
For my coworkers are my second family of whom I love.

At home my mom awaits.
It is just her and I.
We are best friends and I tell her everything.

A lot of the world hates,
But I know how to love.
The secret to hope is finding love and joy in all that you do.

For it is easy.
You CAN do it.
Even dreary tasks can produce a positive product.

This may sound cheesy,
But its all about love.
Loving who you're around and what you're doing creates bliss.

You can't you say?
You can learn to.
Love isn't a thing, it's a choice and it's yours.


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