Freeze Frame

Golden honey sunsets,

The delightful salty breeze caressing my cheek,

Flowers lining every corner in every imaginable hue,

What could be better?


The beauty of the elements engulf me

Into a peaceful coma of relaxation.

However, this loveliness will soon wear away

If there is none to share it with.


Racing along the sandy shore with friends,

Soaking in the warm rays until our heart’s content,

Dancing the hours away in an effort to forget the world,

This is my happiness. This is bliss.


Crackling of the flames late night,

Voices joining in a guitar-led melody,

Laughter so rich in joy, the joy infects you instantly.

Oh the harmony of this place.


Relishing in the company of one another,

Wishing that time would just pause,

Growing fonder with each passing second,

This is my happiness. This is my bliss.


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