Deja Blue


" He leadeth me beside the still waters."


My first time at the pool

" Do not run! " she says

"Jump with me Rissa! " my little sister yells


The bubbles surround my face 

The crystal clear water engulfs me


" Shoo Wee!" my mom says 

I had just returned from my mud kitchen outside

I hear the water gushing into the tub

The suds begin to rise

Like a tower of warm snow


Sitting,sitting,sitting, watching patiently

" I caught one! Look Daddy!" 

My first fish

Although it is only four inches long it is a monster in my eyes


The whistle sounds

That is the end

My Senior year 

District Champions!

I celebrate with my team as sweat and tears of joy stream down my face

My heart still pounding from the disbelief 

Water. Deja Blue.



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