Inventing When? #TwistandShoutSlam

I need not bristle brush nor pen! My mind develops work for when! When you say? Well tomorrow then! Then my work shall be of utmost win. Win, bold it is, but so it has been. Building such things for that of then! When again? Of course right then, is when I send for the work again! How and then, is when I been the most caring of men to all of when. It seems my kin, do not share this win, for which I see way later then! Yet I do believe, when my work is fin, the future shall be yesterdays then! Silence men, for I rise again, to study deeply so that I may win. Tomorrow's then, is when again? That question is often, blaring through the tin, and all I must say with wrench and gen, work of today will be of tomorrow...soon.


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