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The shadow of your hand lingers on my skin, While tire tracks engrave upon the dirt. The day you left was the day I changed, The memory of you will never be the same. I wish you could see the debt you owe,
In a narrow crevice  where echoes the hunting hawk's screech, a cougar asks a bear to explain
 When the rain has dried on windows, do you think of me? The aftermath of a downpour Nothing but a resin left, ugly, tainted Or do you hire the cleaners out? wipe away any memory, start fresh New windows  
He called me family. He told me family is forever and so were we. He told me no one will ever love you as much as I do. I believed the pretty lies and was a pretty girl. I kept him happy and lost myself in the process.
Spoken Communicated Listen   Comforted Focused Responded   Stopped Stopped Stopped  
A 16-year-old died last night And he felt no Love Only the Darkness His life consisted of   His mantra to the world Was, "Reveal the truth!" However when it came He sought to delude 
Turn back the clock and head back to the very start.The very first page, when I still had no broken heart.When all was right in the world and I was still his little girl.When I was still naive and I still believed in me. Roads take us away, we pic
She tried drawing herself as a lover on the canvas of his mind He erased all her sketches when her called her just a friend With one innocent word, she knew it was over then
I look in the mirror each day and see  , a strong-willed student gazing at me.
The painful words escape her lips Piercing my fragile heart with every word she utters I try to not show the pain but every now and then I slip
To be loved by a beaten soul  Is a special kind of love To be loved by one who is not given it Is beautiful To know I am special enough to hold such a delicate heart within my rough hands
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to say whatever you want without ridicule? Or maybe you want to do physical things like grabbing a can without issue.
I spent my days picking up seashells Running away from the rising waves So the chill of ice water would not make my feet go numb So I waited patiently for each low tide
You hide yourself from everyone else Because there's a monster inside. He can't be controlled by anyone, not even you But you talk a good talk and lie about the truth.
Her alarm goes of and she hits it with all her strength Her bed is soaked from the night before   She gets her favorite jeans and matches it with her favorite shirt
I cannot l
The sterling silver and stripped car, with the squealing high pitched sound. May it break on a back road away very far and leave him stranded, never found.   The boy who tried that morning to hit me,
I’m no good at making choices so I let my hands do the talking, Blocking my heart from letting out what its been calling. My back is pinned in so tight I can no longer feel my heart beat,
We were friends back, years ago Back When She was a awkward nerd and my hair was nappy. Now We're all grown up, reunited, And All I want is to make her happy.
True luv doesnt hurt intentionaly, reality is abuse always hurts~ Fist or words the damage is the same. I can forgive the pain of ur fist faster than ur words. None i'll ever forget, foolishly most i'll forgive.
Invisible scars that aline her armTransparent bruises that do no harmMake up covers those nasty scarsLook at her now and look how far
I am taking the slow path, and so She who cannot comprehend that she and I are different Feels it is her right to say "you'll never be anything" to me "She's just a burden," to my father 
You tell me I'm pretty much perfect That any time you spend with me is worth it   That I'm different from all the ones before That I'm the only one you could adore That my nose is a little long
 Burning slowly Like I'm set on fire This can't be good It doesn't always feel this way The slice of rose thorns severing My veins Tearing me apart from outside to inside A brewing poison
My love my love Look only at me My love my love You belong with me When your gone, I can't stand the silence I go insane.   My love my love Stay with me My love my love
Love is like a candle. At first it burns bright, And then it dims, And then goes out. Just like a candle. And all that's left is a broken, melted, burning, oozing pile of melted wax.
I used to ache for you to know me.For you to wonder about my depths and reason, For you to fall into my cracks and find pieces of yourself you never knew you lost.I used to wish to hear those words drip from your lips,
For that which love does say And whisper rather than shout Only to cause some fray Then leave both sides to pout Love lasts long only when it wants to Often it breaks to become an empty shell
Maybe one day we can lay there and count all the stars    Not having one worry about life behind closed bars  I promise someday we'll catch every star and one day we'l reach for the moon   
My bones hurt as they hit the bed. My stomach empty like a bitter morning from a nightmare. My tears burn as they meet my face. The rumbling in my heart scares me as it pounds me down.
  How many times will I  hear the same story of a  girl who saw a boy and  fell in hopeless, mournful love? How many times will I 
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