All Right

You narrow my view

So all the world is flat

And for all I know

if I reach too far

I will fall off the edges

Into an oblivion of stars


You leave me fearing the sea

And the creatures in its depths.

But Little do I know

That sailing could set me free


And that monster that consumes me

Is your frightening tale

Of dangers I can't see.

The bluff behind your lips

Is hidden by the darkness

Of my guilty ignorance


it is easier to fear the night

Than to take the risk

You know I will hold you tight

When the sun begins to set

and the Animals come out to play


So lie to me once again

Because my fear of the night

Makes everything all right

When I remember that you

Can hold me safe and tight


Hold me against your heat,

until my skin bleeds from your poisonous fingertips,

and this paper-thin satin hides bruises

of splintered blue veins beneath,

releasing blood like a river of violent passion.


within your back coat pocket

you always keep with you

a packet of fixer-upper bandaids

for all of my healing scars.


upon your beautiful lips

you hold the secret to your

magic kisses

that won’t take the bruises away

but helps me be brave and cease my crying

I think this is what they call love


You tighten a corset  of deception

Around my bending bones,

To hide the actuality of my real figure.

I've worn this morphing disguise so long

That I can almost believe this is as I've always been,


All of the mirrors are altered

So that I will only ever see myself the way you see me.

In a world where that is either obsessively-

Or not at all. 


Never let me go

I'm vulnerable and small

I may think you hide me from the world

When you know the world

is being hid from me


But my fear of life

Makes everything all right

When you drown my lungs

To make me need your breath

For another hopeful night


I need you to build my golden cages

For if you release this tamed pet now,

I will lose my way in hopeless places

Crowded rooms and wealthy faces


So do me a favor

And break my wandering legs

So that you win for sure

when you hurt me once again

I think I'll maybe be all right

As long as when you're finally done

You hold my hand once more

This poem is about: 
Our world


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