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Too many think that they are GodToo many think that they know GodToo many think that they see GodToo many talk like they know GodToo many sinsToo many SatansToo many prosecutors
Our brutish bullets' babble Battered this cathedral, Corroded ancient heavens That dawned in its arching dome, Crumbled blue-veined marble, Shattered angels' sorrow, As gods began to groan. 
Drawing out my pains in Thursday morning when I've found my world Crashed and still bleeding, but I'm alright, I'm unscathed Or rather, my world has found me Chosen me today
Long lost lovers reunite at break A world free from woes, a world without pain. From every passing night to every blooming day, The warmth of the sun distants itself from the age.
Many times I brood alone Thinking of the world’s melancholy mourning Bearing the weight of creation Upon my hateful human heart,   Until a presence fills me 
Twilight of the godsNo, we are the dunes;with flimsy crust,with grass and scrub,we hope to holdagainst the dry,the drift from shifting winds.
I don't believe in them But there are gods Gods which can only dream of finding someone like you Someone who listens so closely That their head pounds like a breaking dam Waves crashing over the sides
I do not belive in them But there are gods amongst us Covering their ears Trying to block out the sins of this world banging against their skulls   I am no saint But I wish I could be your angel
Èṣù, I remember you incited my triskaidekaphobia after striking me as I stood, dead  center, in a vacillating road On the eve of my thirteenth birthday.  
The water roars and the earth shakes, The wind blows harsh and the thunder crackles across the sky. 
The water roars and the earth shakes, The wind blows harsh and the thunder crackles across the sky. 
My name is OSHUN, I am my own queen, I am my own God,  I have my own kingdom to run, Stuck in this changing world, with changing rules, loses its taste of fun,
The gods are long forgotten, Mankind pushing them away in selfish pursuits, The gods remain though, never abandoning foolish man.   The attentive eye may catch them, Hiding in plain sight.  
  Zues, the captain of the football team Iris, the prettiest most popular girl, with a smile like a beam. Eros, the charm and spell cast upon them.   
The year is 2019 and the world is modern. Most have lost the beilef that the world is flat, though some still often wonder. We account for illness and celestial beings with science
At the dawn of creation, as the gods formed a hundred million galaxies, there also formed with them our blazing and bold sun. This newly formed orb began to rise from the horizon line of our Earth,
Princess peach was selected by Thor ,  Loki dosent want to play any more, Thor was passing by a mile, loki was still stuck on the trial, the brothers where playing Mario Kart,
The Gods are dead if you ask the world. They died a long time ago, leaving little more than words behind. But those who know, can see them everywhere. Thor is in the smell of the rain.
The Uber was early And more radiant than expected From it rope ran Into the setting sky’s Cerulean canvas Tugging what I don’t know,
Through all the myths of the past And on every last sheet Not a single soul has scribed That Zeus was an athlete   As powerful he was
Before he was the Norse God of Thunder Thor was the older brother of Loki Before Loki, Thor would often wonder How having a smaller brother would be. Would they play baseball or ride their scooters
with the intelligence of a god, for whom intelligence is the base, it would hardly seem odd, if she got red in the face, when with the click of some keys, at a relatively quick pace,
I am Art, As one might see,  In your soul rests part of me.  Painting, writing, dance, and more,  From pastel flowers to bloody gore.  Hephaestus, Athena, Apollo,  Nuska, Kothar-wa-Khasis, Lono. 
Zeus is born in Crete, he grows up to be quite an athlete.   Populated the cosmos even though married, he tailed it all including fairies.   There are no boundaries for this philanderer,
Atlas you fool,  let go of the sky   The night carries on , and shines thousands of lights  Or so they said, millions of years ago Won't you, young God, just let go though?   Be a new being
Three Brothers, singing of powerful truths. One was Metal. One was Pop. and the Other Blues. Together they formed a Trinity. Singing of ballads and tunes. One brother of Thunder, and the other swayed by the moon.
Feeling power rushing through my veinseverything that happens lately makes me just insanewhen i punch an opponent he momentarily faintsundefeated barehand but also i have blades
Here I sit... Underneath the glory of my sunshine... But I'm about to throw a fit... For I am in a bind!   I cannot catch a tan, For even though I am a god, The sun is not a fan...
Vishnu sits at his writing desk Gada switched for a pen; Dreams, reality, it’s the same to his editors.   Lakshmi works at the bank,
Perpetually searching for a scapegoat to blame, containing all answers if humanity still heard their name. Reason for destruction and poverty quickly explained,
The girl with silky smooth hair The girl with a messy bun  The girl with no hair at all She is in all of us    The girl with designer clothes  The girl who wears hand me downs
In New York, above the empire state tower Zeus lays in Olympus Brooding; bored as ever He looks down on the city An idea forms in his mind Rain clouds with intensity pour down on mankind
There once was a worlds, where theys, for live, were gone The home you lived in, life mild, or did you think it was Love? Justly so, or where to worlds could be, and life was but that these, were of our people, We.
the people paused, mulling over history's words, then asked, "and what is the sun? does it die at night when our cities collapse and our people smother it with their own versions of history? or does it 
They call me Medusa, a monster forgotten; and here? No katharevusa. The fickle-eyed ancient damned my life in a proxy fight; jealous? Of what, the rape of an innocent acolyte? The lust of a capricious potency,
And the Gods came down   They fell to earth like raindrops Quick and hard
Basking on raggedRocks, amassed with smashed wrecks, theseCreatures, lure ships, thatPass their abandoned cove, withDeadly, beautiful singing
I am Hercules the son of zues i am stronger than any mortal man i am the male dream of how a man should be right?
 Individual clouds stole the sky
His hand runs down my thigh. My prayers have been answered. I bow before Him, longing to taste ambrosia and sin. I beg before Him, longing to be let in. He smiles that godly smile,
Angels and Demons are so over used. People say you're one or the other, People say you dress or seem like one or the other. My years through hisghschool taught me, Neither of these exist. There is good.
I don't need a Hercules who is in love with himself I don't need a Zeus who will just prop me up on the shelf I don't want Hermes since he's always on the run
Growl of the Gods- [Title provided by Bravo Blane]-Stella D’Vine I sit there looking down, a permanent scowl upon my face. I rip at the ground, my nails digging into the soft mud, pulling the grass out of the root.
You reach for me in the dark Warm hands knead my heart You whisper softly Baby you’ve got me You hold me in dreams Is this as real as it seems? I want to stay like this forever
  We are two different sides of the same soul This I say to you, my friend Lover’s Lane shall never end When we are finally together again   And I’ll let you know one thing is true
Sun lost, Demeter’s tears, For so the land hath slumbered here, For the once warm air now dull and queer, Stop! Something rustles in the dark, Hark! Someone approaches like a lark.
There was a documentary on the History channelIt was about how all the gods worshiped throughout all time by all people were the same godHow Zeus was the same as Jupiter, and how Jupiter was Thor and how Thor was Jesus
I still belive that I can fly. Secretly I have wings, that strech aross the sky. Sometimes I pay too much attention to these things.   I still think that to be "flawless."
 Sympósion By Ima Ríos   Pachamama and Changó are dancing in the middle of the river crying out loud to the wheeping of the crickets. Ixcheli joins them in the extasis of Baco.
Sweat pours down bodies in streams, Blood is caked between the toes of feet, Of the men chosen for honor redeemed.   Swords doused in red ink, Shields reflecting the suns gleam, Cry out your call,
Sweet, dear Mulciber God of iron and forge Hear my plea, humble as I am and answer me with conviction. Because I have a stalwart heart, because my courage exceeds my breath
In the realm of gods and men Man shall prosper, god will end Broken mind, strong will is bent Soul is freed, body now spent So stand and pretend And embrace as if friends.
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