The Gods Will Not Die

The water roars and the earth shakes,

The wind blows harsh and the thunder crackles across the sky. 

We are okay, we have nothing for them to break, 

Says the mother and the father as their young begin to cry.


They are still here,

The gods will not die.

Unlike you,

Unlike I. 


Poseidon angrily stirs up the ocean,

His trident standing tall.

Zeus strikes down mighty skyscrapers

Like they are nothing at all. 

The gods rain down with their resentment,

Oh, if only mankind had not been so foolish.

If only they had simply given a compliment,

They wouldn’t be stuck in their wrath.

Oh, they wish.


They are still here, 

They have that shown to you.

The gods will not die,

This, they have proved to you. 

They are not just like us,

Let it be known. 

They are more than just power,

They are more than their throne. 


Thanatos runs rampant and Nix blinds man,

Humankind will not survive this lengthy fall.

Brothers cause fear, as brothers simply can.

Phobos and Deimos grin wickedly as they hear the call.


The call to arise, 

To no longer be the crutch.

To bring along man's demise,

For they have ruined so much. 

The gods will now show you, 

They are more than myths.

They are no longer your glue,

They are no longer your riff. 


The ground rumbles under Hades command,

It cracks right open and cities fall to their doom. 

Gaia arises and will soon have the upper hand,

Don’t run, you can’t just hide in your room.

They’re bringing along the end, say your goodbyes,

They’re lunging, clawing and destroying us all.

There is no escape, you will surely die, 

This is it, what they’ve been expecting: our fall.


They are no longer our gods,

For mankind no longer exists.

They are no longer our gods, 

We can no longer cause fits.


The thunder ceases to rumble and the ocean calms down,

The ground stops shaking and all becomes calm.

Empty now is the place you once called your town, 

You couldn’t say goodbye, not even to your mom.

This is what happens when you test the gods,

They will wipe us all out, and start once again.

Mankind messed up, what are the odds,

The gods will try again, with a new type of men.


The diamond age of mankind, 

The greatest to walk the land. 

They will not disgrace those with a brilliant mind,

They will not make disgraceful demands. 

Nothing will go awry or absolutely wrong,

We will be good, as if we are the gods pets.

But we are the diamond age and not before long,

We become the gods, no longer the ones given threats.


We are the gods,

We are now the almighty.

We defeated the odds,

We will have our own blighty.

We are now here,

We will not die.

Not you,

Not I. 


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