If Man Only Knew

Perpetually searching for a scapegoat to blame,

containing all answers if humanity still heard their name.

Reason for destruction and poverty quickly explained,

if faith in mythological gods was something we gained.

Vicious toward those steadfast in infidelity,

Hera is the goddess sparing no levity.

Counterpart to Aphrodite, Cupid strikes these fresh loves,

mortals not meant for unity, shot instead was the white dove.

Alcohol remains the easiest answer to numbness,

for the grieving partner forever sulking in glumness.

Rumors spread like wildfire on relationships ending lethally,

Hermes responsible for relaying lies, Hades for initiating the sinner gleefully.

More devastating than figurative wildfires are the literal ones,

Hephaestus ruthlessly tears nature down as every creature runs.

Attacked are not only animals, but the impoverished as well,

by Demeter stripping fertile land of its growth, malnourished bodies tell, practically Hell.

Mother Nature no longer in charge of the seas,

but Poseidon, tsunamis and hurricanes won’t simply cease with “please.”

Only sorrow and concern for the condition of Atlas,

due to heaps of plastic we gift to Earth, its color drained to blackness.

These artificial bags suffocating all that swims alike,

chained to death as Zeus chained Prometheus, lightheaded, dreamlike.

Will wicked man ever learn that karma is the gods’ wrath?

We are the Minotaurs, the Cyclopes, the Sphinxes dragging ourselves through a thorn-ridden path.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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