My name is OSHUN,

I am my own queen, I am my own God, 

I have my own kingdom to run,

Stuck in this changing world, with changing rules,

loses its taste of fun,

I sometimes have to water it down, maybe with some rum,

 I now take a human form,

still dark, with curls that reach for the stars,

and I'm more hated than beloved, but I still feel like a rock star,

My favorite pasttime is going to the beach,

It's what makes my lifeguard job so sweet,

After hours I'm at the ocean,

And like a siren I sing, 

I dance and splash, and no one can stop me,

The pigs tried to get me but I stopped them with a wink,

The water on the Earth is what keeps me sane,

I love this water like myself,

Ain't that pretty vain? 

Well I don't care, I'm in my own lane.

Forever and ever, amen.


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