Gods are not beautiful and neither are people, really

And the Gods came down


They fell to earth like raindrops

Quick and hard

And breaking into a million pieces when they hit the ground


Sparkling and beautiful and something many hate


Gods made of glass and porcelain

Delicate and beautiful

They cracked and broke and died


Never to be mended

Never like before

And never the more beautiful


Because these gods were never mended

Never with gold or silver or even mud

They were left broken and stained and they became ugly and spiteful


While the tough gods of leather and rawhide

And metal and stone

And earth and wood


They were strong

And they were hated

For they were not beautiful


The gods became people


And people hate themselves


Mirror image from one to the other


The gods are gone


And they never were


And now people have no-one to blame


No-one to revere or fear or love or hate

But themselves


I wonder how this will end


Ugly, ugly people and the new gods


And the gods came down


This poem is about: 
Our world


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