I don't believe in them

But there are gods

Gods which can only dream of finding someone like you

Someone who listens so closely

That their head pounds like a breaking dam

Waves crashing over the sides

To create a waterfall of empathy


You may be bound to this earth

Waiting for the oncoming rapture like I

But if you are a godsent

I wish to be your angel


Not that I am holy

But I wish to cover you with my wings


No matter how broken

Or torn

They may be

From the things of my past


You never seem to mind...


I wish to stop that pounding headache

Take on this burden for you

Evaporate the water droplets to create a rainbow


I know I can't

I know you would never let

But please


Let me hold you

Hug you

Lay your head down and try to rest beside you

Only wishing you would let me do more

My love


I never bore

I never will

Of seeing you try to return to heaven

I know you will

I know I can't follow your path

But please


Let me continue wishing for you in the afterlife

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