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I am Hercules the son of zues

i am stronger than any mortal man

i am the male dream of how a man should be right?

yet why do i break everything around me... in a world so easy to shatter

 i leave everything broken.

i dont feel so great honestly on the inside

i walk with humans, talk with humans, but i am super human

super strenght is mostly a burden

when everything you hold can be broken

its hard to not think maybe im the monster.

maybe all the monsters are just like me?

maybe they want to belong too!

but every time they try they just cause a mess.

i just want to find my place.

i honestly am afraid of my strenght!

will they think i am a monster?

the gods are confuseing?

im confused.

guess i will just be the guy they expect me to be.

the world needs a hero, even if inside i dont feel like one.

i wish people knew im a thinker and a sweet hearted guy.

but i guess the world wants something else from me.

i wonder if they will even a 1000 years from now remember my name?

be the man your expected to be.

or they wont love you anymore.

hope the world changes someday so people who feel the way i feel can fit in someplace.

hope that day comes soon


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