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THE UNFORGIVING JOURNEY It's a journey of delema. A journey that will never be forgotten, A journey that froze the heart, A journey that burns the tears in the eyes, Making the body over weight,
I'm having this dream where I'm driving, and then, of course, you come along. I have never met you but I bet that because  I saw you in my dream we are bound to meet someday   
Dear Beloved Dreamer,  
I'm holding onto the last few grains of sand that fell from your mouth when you told me that, I was your everything.
Dear Darling,   It's been almost a year now, but your voice is still with me even if you no longer are. Conversations averted, eyes meeting from across the room,
Because I loved you,  I became, not one, but two identities  One day I would cling to your arms like a newborn baby clinging onto the breast of his mother, while he sucked the life that was given to him
Beautifully born on a beautiful bush. A beautiful rose, not red but white. The light of the sun reflects on it, so perfectly imperfect.
I searched high for you, I lost hope. I buried my heart deep.
Today, I caught a sadness. It started by waking in a room with no sun, no arms around my waist, whispered promises in my ear. It spiraled up my legs as I walked out the door
I miss you. . . I miss the things we used to do I miss your hair in my face The way you would hold my hand, fingers laced.   I miss the you that only I was allowed to see
I close my eyes and I see you I see the friend that can be no more I gave you away. My bestfrend gone. It was a misktake.  I love you...So badly I want to tell you. 
I have the unique  Ability to hide all my Feelings for people   I fell hard for you From the first word to last breath But kept it hidden   I hid all I could
We sit together again 'My parents are Fighting' I'm being pulled apart Like a string in Tug-of war Offer me your sympathy Take a little piece of me Joke with me again
Walk down the halls again It's just another day Boring, Insignificant Breathe in, breathe out... Sigh Head sunk low Hands in pockets I look pretty normal Maybe a bit down
Everyday gets harder Every hour I hurt more Every minute I try to smile Every second I hold back a tear Every day I give up trying to be ok
When I think about you it hurts Not just emotionally but mentally and physically My soul cries out loud While my eyes remain dry
Condemn my voice to state the following:  
you'll never understand what makes me tick. you'll try an beg and ask questions that you think are terribly clever.
My heart aches for his touch The one I never felt For his words The ones I got to read For his voice That sweet angelic sound He's like a drug Addicting No matter how long I'm clean
Pensive, Paralyzed Hopeful, Stardazed Each love a new hope The pain of one’s own heart beat Each time completely lost Each time completely given Pain, vulnerability, longing, grief
The angels   Call you   Love,   And I still   Call you   Mine.   Reaching out  
Dear Missing Piece of Me, As I'm looking out the window at the clear blue sky, With the birds soaring on their tireless wings Wy does the time always seem to fly? On my mind are about a billion different things. 
You left. She stopped smiling. She stopped laughing.
I didn’t want the morning to come, The sun to invade my windows and brighten my room,
Well here is something about me I don't like to talk about my past
We were almost loverd a long time ago,  Two young minds entwined through intimate play, thoughts waltzing together in endless flow,
What’s up Doc?   Silence? Why, that’s awfully rude
You hide yourself from everyone else Because there's a monster inside. He can't be controlled by anyone, not even you But you talk a good talk and lie about the truth.
I am here where you are not. I am trapped in a singular frame of mind With pressing thoughts of lonliness and yearing That never seem to dissapate.  The more that I revert to leaving you behind,
An Infinite Sky Dive I want it.I miss it.Even though all its caused me is pain and heartache.I can’t talk about the past without building walls and iron gates locked down without key in sight.
I waited and hoped someday you'd come aroundThe silence breaking us apart proceeds without a soundAny place besides this one is fine with meWhy can't we go back to how we used to be?The highway is so long
It was all for you I did what I had to for you
I didn’t want to keep you too long. I’ve started to think, maybe, I idealized you Some sort of goddess I made you. You were my crutch. Maybe you weren’t all you cracked up to be.
I saw your face. I didn’t want to,
I loved her more than she ever knew Went so far I didn’t know what to do It was above and beyond how much I cared So amazing the times we shared I must confess
Although the peak of the mountain is just overhead I need to rest my body and make my bed To lie down forever and give up the fight retire my gloves and lie down for the night
You poisoned our love With sweet lies Made it impossible For our love to survive Please keep your distance From me.    Do not come to me I do not see you, Do not speak of me
Would you come for me, If i were in the valley deep? Where the wild water runs red, And the ever cold bodies lie. Would you come for me in the river of hell.... To the souls of the damned? With those two little gold coins in your pocket low.
I miss the days  when we talked all day
I don’t want to be here now but I don’t want to go. Been gone so long now I don’t remember how. No not how I got here but where I am now.  I don’t live ‘cause I’ve got no soul,
I found lovein all sorts of places.I could coax it into appearingeven when a heart was withanother,though those weightswill never drop.I found it in the dog-eared pages
I loved you in the curve of your upper lip; budding laugh lines; the edge of your eyes.   I loved you in  the swell of your lower lip against my own and in the stories, the pads of
Shattered love I'm scared to love you for I might hurt you, Or completely you might hurt me or desert me or destroy me. You got the power to defeat me make me break and fall to my knees.
Blood is pumped by the heartThe heart that beats with rhythmRhythm of the streetThe street where we grew upGrew up and grew apartApart from the worldThe world and each other of course
I want to see you smile, and laugh at your little gap. I want to talk with you, without it feeling like a trap. You're clever and compelling, and with you there's certainly no telling.
I am hurting do you hear my cry of despair? Is it it possible its hiding behind the nothingness that isn't there? Our world the place we call home the one we beckon to night till dawn,
That was the last tear I’m ever shedding over you Cause all you’re ‘I love you’s Were never ever true   You never meant a single word you said Every single one was a damn lie
I used to stay firmly on the side of caution I used to use my brain logically I was the smart one I was the safe one I was the perfect one At least I tried hard as hell to be
We met in the forestDrawn by the song of theMocking birdAnd light of the moonYou called me lion girlYour fingers running through my hairI called you star boyMy lips on your freckles
You’re there but you’re not                                                           You’ve always been a phone call away But what if that wasn’t enough?   Maybe if you worked 5 days out of the week
You’re always down side up Smelling roses, filling empty cups I’m always upside down Seeing smiles as future frowns   You call it negativity, a fear of the sun I call it realism, knowing too much
"Whenever I miss you I tell my heart no. I then close my eyes and let the memories roll. Out of my eyelids and straight down my cheeks. Pouring into the pillow that captures my dreams. And as my heart sinks when the images do fade..
Ah! Setting moon slip not away so soon.               Do not dim my lonely road.  Dark lies dale Ahead; the pine-shadows silently loom Wind-rustled arms to hide thy face so frail. When over rim I saw thy silver eye
I knew love, i experienced it once. Its a spell, one that is used for both good and evil. It will either chew you up and spit you back up or it can embrace you. Love comes in all different ways and leaves in heartbreak.
We started our journey On a path made for two Her love undivided; She pledged to be true.   We strolled hand in hand, A traveling pair. We confided our lives And listened with care.
My life; I am always a toy, a transient plaything. Sometimes hazardous, needing to be recalled. Sometimes subservient, appeasing.. Always shuffled along, eventually. He swaggered in.
Suffering inside with this emotion, Knowing that this love is impossible. My feelings, disrupted, like the ocean. I wish you weren't so admirable. I love your unique personality,
These haunting memories refuse to go away; making life more difficult day by day.  I remember the happy times,  when my heart was unshattered, and his love was all that really mattered.  looking in his eyes lightened up my soul with liberation, ho
When it comes to change,it's intimidating and scarybut ultimately necessary. Without change, we do not grow and prosper.We don't see placesor meet new people. Without change,we are unable to look back and see firsthand,the progress that has been m
All I wanted was to feel wanted All I wanted was your love All I wanted was your touch But instead I was left Hurt Disgusted And Used
She's a senior now while I just graduated. I'm leaving.  She looks so cute when she smiles, so I try to make her laugh. I'm leaving. We haven't even talked that much, I'm just getting to know her.
She is the ghost haunting you, She created the fear. She wasn't the victim Which is why you and I are now here.   She was the one cracking the whip, She broke your fragile skin.
As I learn to let go of what was long ago I can't help but remember  what now seems like an ember of light in the past. I find it hard not wanting it to last.   Our good times and bad, 
Is it wrong of me to be jealous that you loved them first? It’s probably silly. I loved before you. But, I wish I hadn’t. I wish I had been with you all along.
Black is the only color i see darkness is the only color for me. sitting in a big black room alone tilit my head back on the wall at home hoping to feel your lost energy pulsate through me
They say a fake smile can hide a million tears But that's not true It all comes out at some point The tears build up And up and up Until your body loses control
Meeting you was unexpected, My life so reckless, Nothing holding me back, Nothing slowing me down, I fell for you, You, who was in love with another, You make me laugh, Being awkward and silly,
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