Lost Love

Meeting you was unexpected,
My life so reckless,
Nothing holding me back,
Nothing slowing me down,
I fell for you,
You, who was in love with another,
You make me laugh,
Being awkward and silly,
Shy at first, you captured my heart,
You've grown on me,
Like an unwanted disease,
Making me pause in wonder,
My love for you was like no other,
New feelings stirring,
Can't take action,
Because while I love you,
You're in love with another.



I don't know what's wrong with me but lately I've been so in love with love poems and yours is no exception! I loved it dearly and I can honestly say I know how you feel when you say you love someone who loves someone else. It's pain and torture, incredibly sad; and great inspiration for some really lovesick romantic poems.

Nonetheless, I loved your poem and I hope to read some more! Any you suggest?


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